PSoC Mixed Signal Arrey Projects on Sensors and Automation
ECE001: Light intensity based Street light automation using PSoC Mixed Signal
ECE002: Petrochemical level indicator and controller for automation of cotton purification industries
ECE003: Industrial boiler temperature monitor with PSoC mixed signal array
ECE004: Proximity Sensor based intelligent Security system using PSoC
ECE005: Temperature measurement and control system based on PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE006: Super sensitive Industrial Security System using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE007: Hazardous gas detecting method applied in coal mine detection robot
PSoC Projects Wireless Sensors Network
ECE001: RF based Wireless Industrial Device control using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE002: Development of remote gas monitor system using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE003: Temperature data logger and display on pc through ZigBee using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE004: Remote control of smart household based on DTMF using PSoC Mixed
Protocal Implimentation and Interfacing with PSoC
ECE001: Implementation of UART protocol for PC based temperature data logger
ECE002: Auto turn off water pump with four different time slots using PSoC Mixed Signal Array
ECE003: Applications of MEMS in robotics using Programmable System on Chip (PSoC) Mixed Signal Array
ECE004: Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply