IEEE001: A bag-of-shapes descriptor for medical imaging
IEEE002: Statistical modeling of retinal optical coherent tomography
IEEE003: Wavelet-based texture-characteristic morphological component analysis for colour image enhancement
IEEE004: Breast MRIs reporting aided system
IEEE005: Automatic brain segmentation method based on Supervoxels
IEEE006: Topological modeling and classification of mammographic micro-calcification clusters
IEEE007: Retinal area detector from scanning laser ophthalmoscope images for diagnosing retinal diseases
IEEE008: Automatic diabetic retinopathy detection using Gabor filter with local entropy Thresholding
IEEE009: Detection of lung cancer using marker-controlled watershed transform
IEEE010: Active contour model with entropy-based constraint for image segmentation
IEEE011: Region-based moving shadow detection using watershed algorithm
IEEE012: An improved traffic signs recognition and tracking method for driver assistance system
IEEE013: Early detection of sudden pedestrian crossing for safe driving during summer nights
IEEE014: Sub-Markov random walk for image segmentation
IEEE015: Image processing for identification of sea-ice floes and the floes size detection
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IEEE017: A scalable tile-based framework for region-merging segmentation
IEEE018: Comparison-based image quality assessment for selecting image restoration parameters
IEEE019: Analysis of moment algorithms for blurred images
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IEEE021: An efficient SVD -based method for image denoising
IEEE022: Design and application of novel morphological filter used in vehicle detection
IEEE023: Weighted guided image filtering
IEEE024: An efficient SVD - based method for image de-noising
IEEE025: A fast single image haze removal algorithm using color attenuation prior
IEEE026: Similarity validation based nonlocal means image de-noising
IEEE027: An improved fog-removing method for the traffic monitoring image
IEEE028: GUI based performance comparison of noise reduction techniques based on wavelet transform
IEEE029: Multi-scale and multidirectional multi-looking for SAR image enhancement
IEEE030: Content based image retrieval using salient orientation histograms
IEEE031: Variable decomposition in total variant regularizer for denoising/de-blurring Image
IEEE032: A new digital face makeup method
IEEE033: MRI brain image enhancement using Histogram equalization
IEEE034: Enhancing object quality based on saliency map and derivatives on color distances
IEEE035: Contrast enhancement algorithm for colour images
IEEE036: Histogram analysis for automatic blood vessels detection: first step of IOP
IEEE037: A contrast adjustment thresholding method for surface defect detection based on Mesoscopy
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IEEE040: A methodology for extracting standing human bodies from single images
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IEEE042: Efficient object detection with its enhancement
IEEE043: GUI based motion detection of a projectile
IEEE044: Efficient and robust audio watermarking for content authentication and copyright protection
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IEEE046: Discrete wavelet transform based video watermarking technique
IEEE047: Reversible data hiding: advances in the past two decades
IEEE048: Study and analysis of robust DWT-SVD domain based digital image watermarking technique using Matla
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IEEE050: Just noticeable difference estimation for screen content
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IEEE059: Recognizing planes in a single image
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IEEE064: A method for carving fragmented document and image files
IEEE065: A saturation-based image fusion method for static scenes
IEEE066: Quantification of bound micro bubbles in ultrasound molecular imaging