EEE001: Stepper motor control using AT89S52 for robotic applications
EEE002: DC Motor speed control using PWM Technique using AT89S52 MCU
EEE003: Automatic Temperature based Fan Speed Controller
EEE004: PC Based DC Motor speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge
EEE005: PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications
EEE006: SMS based Speed control of thread rollers AC motor in spinning mills using GSM
EEE007: Thyristor Power Control by IR Remote
EEE008: Four quadrant operation of DC motor
EEE009: Triac based Sound Scanner for Audio Controlled Lamps
EEE010: AC motor speed control using power Triac
EEE011: Automatic Power factor corrector using capacitive load banks
EEE012: Intelligent automatic transformer load sharing system
EEE013: PC based substation monitoring
EEE014: Feeder over load protection and auto trip off using current transformer and operational amplifier
EEE015: Feeder protection from over load and earth fault relay
EEE016: Implementation of Nikola Teslas Method of Wireless Electricity Transfer Witricity
EEE017: High Voltage DC using Marx Generator
EEE018: Three Phase Load safety implementation with phase fault detector
EEE019: Smooth start of a three phase induction motor
EEE020: Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply
EEE021: Distance Calculation for underground cable faults
EEE022: Design of an Intelligent SMS based Remote electricity Metering and billing System
EEE023: EEPROM Based Prepaid energy meter with auto cut off on no balance
EEE024: Intelligent self-tripping power supply with auto power off on lamp load failure