What is EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering):

Electricaland Electronics Engineering branch bargains withElectrical innovation and machines, circuit examination, gadgets, electromagnetism, electrical designing materials, instrumentation, control frameworks, control building and transmission and appropriation.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), manages the designing issues, openings and necessities of electrical, hardware, PC, media transmission frameworks and related businesses. This branch furnishes understudies with an extensive variety of key information in central regimens teaches, for example, correspondences, control frameworks, flag handling, radio recurrence plan, miniaturized scale processors, small scale gadgets, control age and electrical machines.

Projects of EEE::

You can find projects on the following categories in EEE. Electrical and Electronics engineers can work in extensive variety of fields, such as,

  • power generation
  • electronics
  • computers & control systems
  • telecommunication
  • Bio-Medical.

What does an Electrical and Electronics Engineer do?

Electronics engineers can analyzes the costs and requirements of electrical devises. Electrical and electronics engineers work on the analysis, develop, design, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical devices and electronic equpmets.Such as radar systems, navigation systems, electric motors and communications systems.

  • Electrical Engineers deal with power transmission and generation devices.
  • Electrcal engineers is design a circuits for power operated systems or vehicles, digital devices, CNC machines, memory storage devices, industrial robots and computers.
  • E&E Engineers design and operate theĀ  wireless networks, telecommunication and internet.

What is the workplace of an Electrical Engineer like?

Electrical engineers are basically work in an office, a industries, a labs. An electrical and electronics engineer usually can seek a technical career in any industrial area. They can handle electricians, computer programmers, scientists and other engineers also.

Basically an electrical engineers spends most of time doing the management of project, like determining budgets,preparing project schedules, meeting with clients ect. Engineering projects naturally require written documentation, so capable communication and writing skills are necessary.