CSE001: Matrix Based Shoulder Surfing Security System
CSE002: Improved Session Password Based Security System
CSE003: HR Attendance System Using RFID
CSE004: HR Management System
CSE005: Inter college Event Management System
CSE006: Organizational Procurement Management System
CSE007: Price Negotiator Ecommerce ChatBot System
CSE008: Sports Events Management Platform for Colleges
CSE009: E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP
CSE010: Cooking Recipe Rating Based On Sentiment Analysis
CSE011: Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning
CSE012: Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
CSE013: Social Media Community Using Optimized Clustering Algorithm
CSE014: Preventing Phishing Attack On Voting System Using Visual Cryptography
CSE015: Card Payment Security Using RSA
CSE016: Search Engine Using Web Annotation
CSE017: Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography
CSE018: ATM Detail Security Using Image Steganography
CSE019: Image Character Recognition Using Signal & Pattern Analysis
CSE020: Image Steganography Using Kmeans & Encryption
CSE021:Implementing Triple DES With OTP
CSE022: Online user Behavior Analysis On Graphical Model
CSE023: Student Grade Prediction Using C4.5 Decision Tree
CSE024: Graphical Password To Avoid Shoulder Surfing
CSE025: Smart Health Prediction Using Data Mining
CSE026: ERP System For Institutes
CSE027: Stream Analysis For Career Choice Aptitude Tests
CSE028: Periodic Census With Graphical Representation
CSE029: Product Review Analysis For Genuine Rating
CSE030: Android Smart City Traveler
CSE031: Android Campus Portal With Graphical Reporting
CSE032: Content Summary Generation Using NLP
CSE033: Engineering College Automation and Scheduling System
CSE034: Efficient Doctor Patient Portal
CSE035: Bus Pass with Barcode Card scan
CSE036: Bus Pass with webcam Scan
CSE037: Online Printed T-Shirt Designing
CSE038: Online Visiting Card Creation Project
CSE039: Online Ebook Maker Project
CSE040: Class Management System Project
CSE041: Image Steganography With 3 Way Encryption
CSE042: Canteen Automation System
CSE043: Fingerprint Voting System Project
CSE044: Detecting E Banking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
CSE045: Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
CSE046: Fingerprint Based ATM System
CSE047: E Commerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
CSE048: Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan
CSE049: Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining
CSE050: User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence
CSE051: Railway Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
CSE052: Opinion Mining For Restaurant Reviews
CSE053: Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
CSE054: Opinion Mining For Comment Sentiment Analysis
CSE055: Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining
CSE056: Monitoring Suspicious Discussions On Online Forums Using Data Mining