Mech001: Automatic hand brake lock and release mechanism for cars
Mech002: Head movement controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged
Mech003: Automatic Hand Brake
Mech004: Fuel control in 2-wheelers to prevent fuel theft using solenoid valve
Mech005: Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication And Controlling System
Mech006: Performance and emission study of biodiesel engine using electronic fuel injection system
Mech007: Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection
Mech008: Engine Overheat Alarm
Mech009: Emergency Braking System
Mech010: GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System –Two Wheeler
Mech011: Fabrication Of Solar And Wind Train
Mech012: Hand Propulsion And Steering Dampening For Three wheelers
Mech013: GPS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System –Three and Four Wheeler
Mech014: Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle
Mech015: Sensor Operated Automated Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV).
Mech016: Regenerative Braking System
Mech017: Solar Based Electromagnetic Breaking System
Mech018: Experimental set up to study the gyroscopic couple due to processional motion
Mech019: Automatic Distance Measurement And Braking System Using Ultrasonic
Mech020: Battery Cycle
Mech021: Motorized Screw Jack
Mech022: Fabrication Of Industrial Trolley
Mech023: Automatic Gear Transmission For Two Wheeler
Mech024: Anti-Lock Braking System
Mech025: Automatic Accident Avoiding System In Machine or in Vehicle
Mech026: To study the performance of CI engine using the binary mixtures of alternative fuels
Mech027: Automated Track Guided Vehicle
Mech028: Automatic Acceleration Controlling System In Traffic Signals
Mech029: Fabrications Of Rice Planting Machine , Manual Operated
Mech030: Fabrications Of Driverless Train Technology Advanced Wireless
Mech031: Fabrication Of Mechanical Grass Cutter Machine(Using Bevel Gears Arrangement)
Mech032: Fabrication Of Rocker Bogie Suspension System
Mech033: Improving fuel economy and engine life microprocessor based mobile gear level indicator
Mech034: Fabrication Of Camshaft
Mech035: Redesigning and Testing of cadi 50cc 4stroke Moped
Mech036: Fabrication Of Electrical Power Generation From Shock Absorber
Mech037: Design and Fabrication of three wheeler for physically handicapped
Mech038: Fabrications Of Electromagnetic Piston Engine
Mech039: Electromagnetically assisted advanced drum brake mechanism
Mech040: Fabrication Of Regenerative Braking System
Mech041: To study the performance of two stroke engine with modified intake system
Mech042: Fabrications Of Compressor Air Engine For Four Wheeler (Air Power Car)
Mech043: A Project on Accident prevention mechanism in automobiles
Mech044: Fabrications Of Solar Power Vehicle For Four Wheeler
Mech045: Automatic head light control for 4 wheelers
Mech046: Fabrication Of 90 Degree Steering Mechanism
Mech047: A Project on Optical valve timing encoder
Mech048: Fabrication Of Mechanical Grass Cutter
Mech049: Fabrications Of Wind Power Car For Four Wheeler
Mech050: Bullock Cart With Material Lifting And Dumping Mechanism
Mech051: Fabrication Of Tilting Vehicle Mechanism For Four Wheeler
Mech052: Design and Fabrication of propeller shaft
Mech053: Comparative studies of solar stills
Mech054: Lubrication of LPG system for mopeds
Mech055: A Project on Starter Motor Test Rig
Mech056: Human awakening system interface of microprocessor
Mech057: A Project on Wind power to charge battery in automobile
Mech058: Selection of exhaust gas recirculation in 2-stroke SI engines
Mech059: Design and Fabrication of valve lapping machine
Mech060: Drum seeder for paddy cultivators for the improvement of crop
Mech061: A Project on Modification of carburetor
Mech062: Application of LPG for mopeds
Mech063: Battery operated magnetic force assisted mechanical braking system
Mech064: Performance of 50cc moped ( TVS-Champ) by using different carburetors
Mech065: Speed control of radiator fan using differential gear arrangement
Mech066: Vehicle aerodynamics and its performance characteristics
Mech067: Externally charged battery assisted tricycle for legless or Handicapped
Mech068: Cotton seed oil as an alternative fuel for 4-stroke I.engine
Mech069: Automatic guided vehicle with remote controlled lifting trolley
Mech070: A Project on Intelligent overtaking mechanism
Mech071: Fuel Injection system for a two stroke petrol engine
Mech072: Design and Fabrication of hydraulic press
Mech073: Smart infrared proximity detector
Mech074: Microprocessor based preprogramming controlled vehicle
Mech075: A Project on Portable water servicing pump
Mech076: A Project on Automated gear shifting mechanism
Mech077: Ignition control to improve the combustion efficiency of IC engine
Mech078: A Project on Traffic lane marker
Mech079: Catalytic converter for two wheelers as a case study
Mech080: Automatic vehicle monitoring and control
Mech081: Comparative study of direct injection C.I engine using various alternative fuels
Mech082: A Project on Gas Injected Spark Ignition Engine
Mech083: Brake Performance of Electronic Tester
Mech084: Parametric study to reduce noise from Diesel Engines
Mech085: Self-locking mechanism for reverse motion
Mech086: A Project on Electric bike
Mech087: A Project on Tyre pressure auto governing system
Mech088: Microprocessor controlled two wheeler speed regulator
Mech089: Solar water distiller for rural areas
Mech090: A Project on Hovercraft