EEE001: PC Based Hi-Tech industrial automation with auto / manual modes of operation
EEE002: Design and development of activation and controlling of home automation system
EEE003: Embedded Password based Access Control System using I2C
EEE004: High sensitive LDR based power saver for street light control system
EEE005: Real Time Clock based industrial automation using Dallas RTC and I2C protocol using AT89S52 MCU
EEE006: Automatic Room Light control with Visitor Counting for power saving applications
EEE007: Woman security assistance system with GPS tracking and messaging system
EEE008: Blind Person Navigation system using GPS & Voice announcement
EEE009: Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Messaging System using GSM and GPS
EEE010: SMS based Wireless electronic notice board using GSM / CDMA / 3G mobile phone
EEE011: SMS based PWM Speed and Direction control of DC motor using H-Bridge and GSM
EEE012: Design of an Intelligent SMS based Remote electricity Metering and billing System
EEE013: Design and development of SMS based Car Engine control system to prevent car theft using GSM modem
EEE014: Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) using GSM modem