Android Industrial Automation
ECE001: Android based home automation with fan speed control
ECE002: Android based password based door lock system for industrial applications
ECE003: Android based electronic notice board (16X2 LCD)
Android Human Assisitive
ECE001: Android based digital heart beat rate and temperature monitoring system
ECE002: Android based vehicle tracking system
ECE003: Woman security assistance system with GPS tracking and messaging system
Anrdoid Advanced Robotics
ECE001: Android based Robotic Arm with Base Rotation, Elbow and Wrist Motion with a Functional Gripper
ECE002: Metal Detecting Robot with Remote Voice and Image Transmission to assist bomb detection team
ECE003: Android based hand gesture based robot control using MEMS technology
ECE004: RF Controlled Robotic Boat to Travel in Water with Wireless Video and Voice
ECE005: Android based Fire Fighting Robot with high pressure water sprinkler
ECE006: Android based LPG Detecting Robot with wireless Voice and Image Transmission
ECE007: farmer friendly Agricultural Robot with motorized shovel control System
ECE008: Android based intelligent speech recognition and voice operated robot